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Enneathought for the day---"How is your superego message: "You are good or okay if you have mastered something" affecting you today?"

Gee, um, it's about 5:30 and the collage I was hoping to finish today is a bit over half done. Maybe if I had mastery I would have the whole thing mapped out with the materials I have to work with....but no, I'm kind of making it up as I go along. And now need to scrounge more material.

Maybe if I had mastery I could do these faster and they'd turn out better.

I actually have no idea if this will even work at all! I guess I could take what I've got done so far to work tomorrow and scan it in and find out. The plan, here, is to print my artist statement and bio on top of it...but the "white" of the collage may be too gray. In which case, I can finish the thing at my leisure.

Meanwhile...I haven't done the stuff I typically do on the weekend for life maintenance---like laundry, cooking for the week, apartment clean-up. Guess I can skip this stuff in the interest of finding more collage source material.

And then......there's work pile-up. This guy in another research group asked me for help thursday on a genome analysis problem. All of the tools I used to use are gone, so I spent thursday and friday scrounging around the net looking for replacements. Turned what should have been a 2 hour job into a 2 day job...and it's still not entirely done. But...I'm actually glad the guy asked me. I have a fear that the new people in the organization have no clue that I ever actually did any real science, since my visible role now is administrative. I must have 2 in my trifix--I genuinely like helping people solve problems.
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