energeia5 (energeia5) wrote,

He's baaaack! Makes me glad.

About 7 years ago (can't believe it was that long but I just checked the newspaper archives), this exceedingly humorous bus driver on my route disappeared. This guy was so funny, telling stories, trying to engage passengers, being his cheerful self. But one day, his bus got kidnapped. Some psycho got on and was theatening passengers so he stopped the bus and had everyone get off, including himself. And the psycho drove off with the bus, injuring multiple people in cars as he careened along. (Luckily for me, this happened on a part of the route I don't traverse.) Anyways, the driver went out on admin leave and I heard a rumor that he had PTSD or something like that. But tonight, whaddya know, the bus driver reminded me a lot of that guy in style. (I suck at recognizing people, remember?). So I asked him, Say, are you the driver whose 42 bus got kidnapped? He was MOST impressed I remembered. A bit of the ruptured universe has been made whole.
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