energeia5 (energeia5) wrote,

happiness..and longing

It's a blissful morning...I'm home working on the collage that I set aside a few weeks ago. Listening to Neil Diamond (yes, I'm one of the "two kinds of people" who love ND), enjoying this gorgeous day, knowing that the rainy season will soon arrive. The demons that call into question my ability to create seem to be sleeping today--may they rest in peace and not wake up anytime soon.

Days like today, I wish I didn't have to work.
It's scary to think that by the time I can retire I might not be able to do what I can do now. This art form requires a steady hand and good color vision. And the ability to sit still for significant stretches.

Due to social and self-pres issues I can't quit. And, if I were honest, part of me really doesn't want to. But could I work part time? Or what if I got disciplined and worked 4-10 instead of 5-8? (That's hard because so much of my job description now entails dealing with people---gobs of onsite meetings which exhaust me.) But....if I really want to do art, well......
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