energeia5 (energeia5) wrote,

flotsam and jetsam of thoughts

Crap! I wanted to write about something I saw on my way home that I thought was cool and now I can't remember what it was!!!! And I told myself to remember it.

It got displaced by the sight of blueberries strewn across the street.

And then...by the black guy on the bus carrying a big sign asking "Do you remember the 70?" with a bunch of 01101010001 next to each year. I told him that yeah, I remembered the 70s, and off we were, until another big black lady got on, and the two of them knew each other but hadn't seen each in ages! From there the conversation somehow morphed into a description of the Seattle underground--the parts where nobody goes--that apparently are 5 stories down.

There's so much in my life that I find terribly amusing.

Oh, check this out!!!! The Human Genre Project--collecting stories about your favorite gene--maybe I'll write one. But golly, what gene to pick????
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