energeia5 (energeia5) wrote,

discipline, continued

One of my facebook friends, a romance writer (86 books to her credit), posted to the effect that writing is hard work, and that she disciplines herself to write every day. I heard the same thing from my next door neighbor, a wellknown mystery writer. This is sobering. I'd like to believe that skill is really developed with practice and that execution of said skill would then get easier. It's on my mind with respect to collaging, as I watch myself go through contortions with respect to producing something. If I thought that it would never get easier I think I'd despair. It kind of makes sense that it won't, though. Because the more I do it, the more I'll discover what's possible, and so I'll probably hold myself to higher standards.

So maybe, if I had evidence that I can trust the process, this trust would have to be what undergirds the discipline. Or maybe it's the other way around, I'm not sure.

While walking home tonight I figured out what I think I need to do to finish the enneagram collage I started this weekend. It was like an "oh yeah, that's it!" moment. If I believed that the ideas would come to me, I'd have more hope.
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