energeia5 (energeia5) wrote,

collage process

My current rate of progress might have this collage finished by Xmas--this is crazy! It's only 9 by 12 inches! I want it done TODAY! And it won't be.

I realized last night that part of my process is that I have a hard time choosing among options for what to put where. This is a surrealistic landscape--I started with the sky and have been working my way down--but.....at the beginning I laid out paper for the whole background and I've become entranced with the patterns of that. So...I'm torn between covering up the background, as was my original plan, or leaving it, and finding a way to make the piece work that way. Result being something in between. I've got a kazillion "candidate" pieces of paper cut out, from which to choose placement. And I get torn. Well...this would work but constrain the next step.....or that would work but it might unbalance the composition (which is already unbalanced).

Should I make it brighter? Leave it subdued?

This is turning out to be an exercise in trust in some sort of inner sense that I'll create a piece that somehow works. Or, if not this one, then the next one. Or the one after that.

My inner critic seems to be shifting ground from:
"You have no talent, why try, you're only going to waste your time" to:
"You're too slow, you've got to find a way to speed up or else you'll never produce enough work to get anywhere"

True...I'd like to get faster, BUT....I want to make good aesthetic choices in what I put where.
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